Sep 17, 2021

Demo panel gives you a clear view that how all operation will work and how to use each and every functions.Here you can check how to create retailer, distributor, master distributor and API.

A1Topup provide easy and user-friendly interface of admin panel where anyone can easily manage to our clients.

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Sep 17, 2021

White label in recharge business is creating your own recharge company with your brand name.Your client will know you by your company name.

A1Topup company offers you start your own recharge company ,we are providing branded website and application with your choice name.


Sep 17, 2021

Mobile recharge software is a online platform where you can create unlimited retailers, Distributors, MD and sell API.Your customer can use lots of services like mobile recharge, DTH, utility bill payment, Insurance, domestic money transfer, Pan Card registrations,etc..

Recharge Admin portal/White Label

Aug 14, 2021

Features of admin panel

➥ Website of your brand name

➥ Android application

➥ your brand logo

➥ Admin portal

➥ Free API panel

➥ Virtual payment option

➥ SSL security

➥ Maximum margin on all operators

➥ Search plan

➥ 24/7 support available

➥ Deliver your services within 24 hours

Facilities of admin panel

➥ Create Unlimited retailers,Distributors and master distributors

➥ Create Unlimited API panel

➥ Change logo

➥ Set News/Alert

➥ Update contact details Anytime

➥ ADD Fund Automatically

Services of admin panel

➥ Mobile recharge

➥ DTH recharge

➥ Postpaid recharge

➥ Electricity bill payment

➥ Gas payment

➥ Pan Card registration

➥ Domestic Money Transfer

➥ Insurance

➥ Ledger report of daily profit

Master/Super Distributor panel

Aug 10, 2021

➥ 3% flat commission for each payment.

➥ Master Distributor person can create unlimited distributors and retailers panel.

➥ M.Distributor can do mobile recharge , dish recharge,postpaid,domestic money transfer,Electricity bill payment,etc...

➥ M.Distributor can ditribute commision to their Distributor and retialers clients.

➥ M.Distributor can make profit to high commission and registration charges of distributors and retailers.

➥ M.Distributorcan manage distributor and retailers like balance transfer , edit profile and change password.

Distributor panel

Aug 10, 2021

➥ 2% flat commission for each payment.

➥ Distributor person can create unlimited retailer panel.

➥ Distributor can also use all services like mobile recharge, Dish recharge, postpaid,domestic money transfer,electricity bill payment, etc..

➥ Distributor can make profit to commision and retailer registration charges.

➥ Distributor can add and deduct payment of retailers.

Retailer panel

Aug 10, 2021

➥ 2% flat commission for each payment.

➥ Retailer can use all services like mobile recharge, Dish recharge, postpaid, domestic money transfer, elctricity bill payment, pan card, etc..

➥ Retailer can check report like recharge history, payment history, refund history, etc...

API panel

Aug 4, 2021

A1 Topup provide best mobile recharge api for mobile , dth, data card, postpaid, bill payment, insurance, gas, electricity, and money transfer api, it can be integreted in any platform like html, asp, android app etc .

➥ Easy to integret

➥ Auto Complain Handling System

➥ API Recharge Report

➥ Response format, Json,xml,csv

➥ Transaction Status

➥ High Speed Recharge

➥ Auto Refund

➥ 24x7 Billing system